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The Company Overview

firstasia consultants is a management consulting company with a range of services in Human Resources. firstasia has a vision to become the most preferred management consultant in Asia, and has a mission to assist a company grow and be fully ready to compete in the globalization era.
Thus, together taking advantage of the present opportunities for the vision that lies ahead. firstasia can become your company’s partner in the effort of achieving success by providing the best consulting services to produce fast and reliable business solutions.

Assessment Center

firstasia consultants offers a special service for more comprehensive selection & development process using the Assessment Center, which includes multiple methods to find the right person for the job.Before conducting the assessment center program, the position in need will be analyzed to gain important information about the indicators and competencies needed to carry out the particular job, i.e. job competency requirements. Then the assessment center is designed based on those job competencies. The assessment center will be conducted through several simulations. The assessee’s behavior in each simulation will be observed by more than one assessor. Then the data from each assessor will be compiled into one integrated data, to be concluded in the report and recommendation.

Executive Search & Selection
firstasia is aware that every search is unique. The company, the corporate environment, the organizational structure, reporting relationship and personalities of those connected with the position to be filled, and the urgency, all have an important bearing on the search process.
firstasia offers Executive Search & Selection services, which target the middle to upper level of Managers and Executives.
firstasia uses a method of recruiting high quality, senior level managers or executives, and identify, approach and assess candidates whose skills and experiences best match our client requirements.

Human Resource System Development

firstasia consultants has a vast experience in the Human Resource Consulting and Recruitment, and has experts in these fields.
firstasia consultants understand the need to improve the competency of the Human Resource Division in dealing with business opportunity and threat.

Psychological Evaluation Program

For that matter, it is necessary to conduct an effective selection and recruitment process, so at the end there will be a group of qualified employees matching the needs of the company.

With this necessity in mind, firstasia proposes a psychological evaluation program that provides a comprehensive set of requirements based on the competencies required by a job.

Through the method of psychological evaluation, firstasia offers assistance for your company to search and select the right individual required for a particular job.

The evaluation result can plot and indicate the candidate’s competencies in relation to the required competencies.

These competencies derive from a psychological measurement known as The Big Five Personality At Work.

Training Program
Basically, both activities selection process and training, are part of the equivalent process. As an individual passes a selection, he or she will have to follow various training, disregarding his or her own qualification. Essentially, training is meant to reduce and to anticipate the incongruence between the explicit performance and desired behavior.

Training programs are usually required in a company, especially when an employee is not achieving the preferred work standards and particularly when it is due to limited knowledge or skills. Expertise, knowledge, experience or even attitude can be increased through training programs, which are designed by various activities.

As a consultant which concentrates and dealing with the human resources develop-ment, firstasia consultants improves our services through conducting in house training. This training is tailored and customized upon company’s needs.


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